• Original Art on Glass

    Check out The Labyrinth online Gallery for our selection of original paintings. If you have an idea for a custom original painting you can set up a phone call with Daeda and collaborate with him on a custom commission. All original paintings are on glass and come with tracks and cables to suspend that glass the way we display Daeda's originals at The Labyrinth.

    Original Art 
  • Prints

    Prints are available at The Labyrinth Gallery. All printing is done in house and will be shipped out immediately upon order. Prints are 24x36 on heavy Canon card stock. See our inventory for Labyrinth prints.

    Print Selection 
  • Live Painting and Bookings

    In the future I'll be returning to paint live and perform at conventions and shows. If you'd like to book a personal commission yourself or a painting as a gift for a loved one I'll make the price for you live on Twitch. Below is a link for my live stream channel. Follow me there.

    Twitch Live 
  • Acrylic Silk Screen

    Acrylic silk screens at The Labyrinth Gallery are a hand made specialty print that Daeda creates to match the look and feel of one of his glass original paintings. All acrylic prints hang frameless with installed wall mounts stand offs.

    Acrylic Prints 
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